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  Q.   If it's free to join how do I get free gas?
  Q.   If I want to put out white stickers and red stickers how much a month will it cost me?
  Q.   How do I have to pay my monthly fees?
  Q.   How long does it take for me to get my gas card and stickers?
  Q.   How long does it take to get paid when I earn money?
  Q.   What if my sticker is taken down, does the company replace it?
  Q.   Why do you only accept Cash app, Zelle and PayPal instead of credit and debit cards?
  Q.   How old do I have to be to join?
  Q.   I want to make a million dollars a year can I do it with this gas business?
  Q.   Can I use my QR Code on business cards, flyers, napkins and other media?
  Q.   What happens if I put a white sticker or a sticker I make on or near a gas pump?
  Q.   Someone just placed an order how do I get my gas or cash?
  Q.   When I join for free can I refer others to join for free?
  Q.   How do I become active?
  Q.   If I join for free how much do I earn when the people I refer purchase stickers?
  Q.   How do I make payments?
  Q.   Is there a limit to how many stickers I can put to work?
  Q.   How do I get a gas card and is it reloadable?
  Q.   How can I promote FreeGasClub?
  Q.   How can I keep track of my Free Gas and Cash?
  Q.   What support does provide?